Top 10 article till yet.

Since 2nd November 2010 we are publishing odia articles and promoting odia literatures via the site

The top 10 articles till yet that had been accessed by our odia viewers are.

3. Odia poem "Smruti" by Lipsamayee Panda

4. Odia Story "Cheli" by Abhash Kumar Boral

5. Odia Story "Barsha Eka Rootu" by Biraja Routray

6. Odia short story "Bhikaree" by Akshaya Kumar Sahoo

8. Odia Story "Jhara Basanta" by Chinmayee Acharya

9. Odia short story "Andha Bhikaree" by Akshaya Kumar Sahoo

10. Odia article "Aasanta Kali" by Ashok Kumar

Thanks a ton to all our writers/contributors and the odia viewers of 42 countries.

Best regards,

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