Why Polavaram?

From Machkund to Polavaram


Machkund Hydro Electric Project worked! The agreement was signed between the Madras Presidency and the king of Jaypore, Odisha. The agreement was made for 99 years. The cost and profit should be shared at 70% and 30% by Andhra Pradesh Govt. and Odisha Govt. respectively. The entire decisions were taken before 1940s. In 1940 the displacement of the inhabitant took place. Later it came to the hand of Andhra Pradesh and Odisha. Machkund is on Duduma river in Koraput district of Odisha.


According to Mr. Mohapatra 2938 families of Odisha were displaced and out of those only 600 families were rehabilitated. Proper rehabilitation had not been taken place. The said place was popularly known as CUT-OFF AREA.


Who is in WIN WIN situation?



Andhra Pradesh

The people of Odisha were displaced without any proper rehabilitation. Couple of them had been rehabilitated where as others are still suffering.

In this case Andhra had no share.

Entire project was constructed on the Golden land of Odisha and entire resources were used.

Again Andhra did not participated in this case.

Nobody from Odisha is in generation of power system. Odisha has no rights over it.

The entire Machkund project is totally under the control of Andhra Pradesh.



Is 70% and 30% is in proper way?


Odisha govt. in the period of Hon. Nandini Satpathy (CM) opposed the injustice took place in Machkund project very strongly. Neither the Central Govt. not the Andhra Pradesh Govt. listen to it. The battle is still going on.


And now Andhra came up with another project called Polavaram. Though it will built on Andhra Odisha boundary on Andhra side but Odisha and Chhatisgarh will be affected badly.


According to National Council for Applied Economic Research Survey Report based on the facts of 1985, that Chhatisgarh will loss 2398 hectors of land and 10 villages having 680 families and 6620 people where as Odisha will loss 1230 hectors of land having 7 villages, 292 families and 2743 people. These lands are fully covered with forests and the lands are full of mineral resources. If the project got implemented then more forests and villages will be submerged.


Supreme court had asked the Central Govt. to submit the project report regarding the Polavaram project but the Central Govt. is delaying in submitting the report and in the meanwhile the Central Govt. had given the clearance to Andhra to start the project and the whole project will be funded by the Central Govt.


Jairam Rames Hon. Minister of State for Environment & Forest who is from Andhra Pradesh said that the project will not affect Odisha or Chhatisgarh.


Will it not affect?


A tributary named Saberi had started from Chhatisgarh & flows to Godavari of Andhra Pradesh through Odisha. Another tributary of Odisha named Sileru feeds Saberi. The height of the dam will be 48.32mt from ground level. It will block the drainage system of the tributary as a result of which a vast areas of both the states will be submerged in the water for ever.


To check this now Andhra plans to have a wall on Odisha’s land which will be of 30km in length and 10mt height about 20mt breadth. Experts says this will check the water flow and more areas of Odisha will be submerged.


No one is ready to answer as to why both the states will have to loss their land, forest, people, minerals and suffer a lot just for the benefit of Andhra. Is it because the Hon Environment minister belong to Andhra or the name is Indira. Why the Center is not submitting it’s report to the Supreme Court? Why the Govt. of Odisha is not interested to put forward the issues to the centers and protest the project. Why the Odisha Govt. is interested to bring the justice for Odisha.


In the year 1941 when the British Govt. proposed to build a dam on Godavary river the same was not carried out due to the strong opposition. Now the Central Govt. has given a Permission for the project to finish Odisha and Chhatisgarh.


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