Release of ‘GANAMATI PARISHADA’ and the Novel Civil Leadership Forum

8-2-2011 / Bhubaneswar : 
A seminar was organized this evening at the residence of Dr.Bhagbanprakash on ‘Creating a Novel Civil Leadership Forum’. The leading personalities who attended this seminar are eminent linguist Padmashree Dr.Debiprasanna Pattanayak, philosopher Dr. Bhagbanprakash, Sheevidya-Ashram’s Maharaj Mahamedhananda, eminent dramatist Dr.Ramesh Chandra Panigrahi, Odia-linguist Prof. Jantrana Parikshit, Scientist Shri Bibhu Prasad Mohanty, writers and poets viz. Shri Abhay Singh- Shri Tusharkant- Shri Bhabani Prasad Parija- Shri Rajkishor Das- Dr.Prasanna Pattanayak- Shri Kedar Roy, social workers viz. Shri Gobind Bhagwan- Dr.Bijay Biplab Acharya- Shri Satyanand Behera- Shri Manoj Jena- Shri Subhendu Mohapatra, woman-leader Ms Samghamitra etc. The objectives of this meet were to inaugurate Bhanu Padmo’s 288-page book “GANAMATI PARISHADA”, to outline the proposed novel civil leadership forum and to initiate implementation of consistent plans for the same. Mahamedhananda praised profusely this analytical work of Bhanu Padmo when Dr.Bhagbanprakash described this work as an example of ancient Sutra Literature. The latter suggested that Bhanu Padmo’s style of expression needn’t be compared with Bibhuti Pattanayak’s and may be left as Bhanu Padmo’s. Dr.Ramesh Panigrahi underscored the outline, potentiality and success of author’s Dream Theory when Prof. Jantrana Parikshit described it as hard-worded but a meaningful Green Philosophy. Shri Tusharkant insisted on easier exposition of the author’s work keeping in view commonman’s power of understanding when Shri Bibhu Prasad was against dubbing his work as obscure because the straight truths therein were plain and clear to the pragmatic eyes, though these do hurt the prejudiced eye. To Ms Samghamitra’s question on any author’s claim to authority over truth, Bhanu Padmo expounded the doctrine of general occurrence great truths. It was generally agreed that integrated national civil leadership needs to be incorporated into Constitution through an awareness movement as the author described the political-cultural-spiritual-social aspects of civil leadership. It was deeply felt by the participants that such prolonged discussion in a friendly environ could sow the seeds for integration of Statewide civil leadership.


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