Dhenkanal (29/5) – For the greater interest of the general farmer, eminent farmer leader Er. Debashisha Hota is in hunger strike for last 7 days. To Let know why the collector wasn’t coming to the hunger strike place till date, the treasurer of Krishak Sangharsh Samiti Mr. Ranjan Kumar Lenka appeared before apublic hearing of the collector at Gondia Biock premises yesterday. During this time the SP Satish Gajviya beaten severely Mr. Lenka infront of all the people.

But, surprisingly, today the publications made at the daily newspapers Dharitri,Sambad & Samay by the local Gondia Block-Level journalists alleged Mr. Lenka & 3 other district level workers as unsocials. Now, all the 3 pilars of our nation is highly corrupted. People have faith only on the media. This is proved by the behaviour of the people. They, now- a –days 1st prefer to call a journalist in any type of emergency rather than a official to solve their problem.

All the journalists of our Dhenkanal district highlighted & made to solve lots of social problems in the past years. Also from last 3 months, i.e March 2011, they publishise the issues taken up in all block-level & district-level gheraos of Krishak Sangharsh Samiti. We’re thankful of their this type of selfless service, the district president Mr. Duryodhan Jena added on this occasion.

There is no record at all of any type of unsocial behaviour of Mr. Lenka & any other worker of Krishak Sangharsh Samiti. We respect the democratic fight for justice. For this our leader Er. Hota is on hunger-strike for last 7 long days. We don’t want to take the law by our hand. But, unfortunately the above mentioned journalists remarked wrongly that the 4 activists are unsocial.

This all happened due to the human right violation case filed against the SP. In this case which is filed for Er. Hota’s 23rd May midnight arrest from hunger strike place, one of the witness is Mr. Lenka. Therefore, I request all media people to cover up this right violation case made by such a high-level authority like SP in public & help in the punishment procedure for the survival of our great democracy, Mr. Jena told by a press release.


One Response to “KRISHAK SANGHARSH SAMITI Dhenkanal, Odisha”

  1. mama Says:

    sir koraput re bhi kehi chaula kinu nahanti…………….loka manaku bahut thaku chanti sirr amane………………food committe bala manaku kichi kara amane kichi kama ra nahanti……….

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